'Teen Mom 3' Sneak Peek: Joey's Temper Flares After Katie Brings Up Finances


When a teenager becomes a parent, they immediately face multiple issues, and not surprisingly, those centered on finances often top the list. In fact, almost half of teen parents live below the poverty line. Katie and Joey of "Teen Mom 3," who have been struggling to get by and keep their life in order ever since the birth of their daughter, Molli, may have incoming paychecks from Joey's job as a coal miner, but it never seems to be enough, and on the next episode, what starts as a squabble over money turns into a screaming match.

After Katie expresses concern that Joey wants to rent an apartment above their financial means, Joey blows up. "You think if I wasn't dating you I'd live in those apartments? I couldn't give two s**ts if I live in a f**king nice apartment. I got it to make you happy," he yells, suggesting that Katie's never satisfied with his efforts to provide for their family. The bickering escalates, eventually resulting in Joey knocking a bunch of items off a table with a swift swipe of his arm and Katie breaking down in tears. If the newly engaged couple keeps going down this path, we're doubtful they'll make it to the altar.

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