'Rivals II' Poll: After Voting Her Into The Jungle, Did Frank Deserve Jonna's Wrath?


Keeping his cool may not be one of Frank's strong points, but until tonight's "Rivals II," his loyalty to friends has barely ever been called into question. At the top of the episode, Jonna worried that Frank didn't have her back, but he quelled her fears with a very straightforward response. "Yours and my relationship -- I will never let be destroyed by this game." Open and closed case, right? Well...it was, at first, until Murphy's Law entered the picture, and Frank was forced to make a very difficult choice: Jonna or the game.

After Camila freaked out on Frank's partner, Johnny, the Twitter rivals knew exactly who they would vote into the Jungle...until Camila and Jemmye stepped up and won the "Swingers" competition. And as for everybody's favorite sacrificial lambs, Cooke and Cara Maria, they sealed their own fate by coming in last place, which didn't leave Frank and Johnny with much of a choice: either go with the house majority to not ruffle feathers, or throw away a vote on another team and risk getting targeted in the future. Even if they had been Emily and Paula's second vote, there's no guarantee that Nany and Jonna would have been safe, so the two decided to err on the side of caution and vote with the pack. Ultimately, Nany and Jonna couldn't turn out a win, and were sent packing.

+ So, what do you think? Was Jonna right to be pissed at Frank? Or should she have been more understanding of his predicament and let it go? Take our poll!

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