With Only 8 Teams Left, Who Will Be Cut Before The 'Rivals II' Final Mission?


With Nany and Jonna's departure from Thailand comes the bittersweet reality that only two elimination rounds separate the eight remaining teams from the "Rivals II" finale and boatloads of cash. Six teams will make it to the next phase of the competition, and two will not, but as the winners' circle has become a revolving door across the past few missions, is there any telling who will be the last to sing their swan songs?

On the female side of the competitors' spectrum, Emily and Paula have been favorites from the beginning, but Em demonstrated that swimming wasn't necessarily her strong suit tonight, and Paula looked absolutely panicked at the idea that she could be sentenced to The Jungle. And though Cooke and Cara Maria are not huge threats in standard missions, the two have been unbeatable in elimination rounds. Camila and Jemmye have notched Ws in both types of challenges, which could certainly give them a leg up, and finally, Diem and Aneesa have consistently stood toward the top of the competition, and the vets know what it takes to make it to the end.

As far as the men are concerned, Marlon and Jordan blew into their first "Challenge" like Hurricane Nia and have secured wins all around, and though underdogs Knight and Preston haven't yet achieved a W on standard mission days, they've proven they can hang tough in elimination rounds. Wes and CT are used to camping out on top, but there's always a possibility the other teams could turn on the Alpha Dogs in the eleventh hour, and Johnny and Frank -- who have a few victories under their belts -- could lose their momentum if they can't find a way to work in sync.

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