Is Mac Miller's New Nose Piercing 'Dope' Or A Big Nope? [Photo]


Men with nose rings: yay or nay?

He's certainly experimented quite a bit with the state of his facial hair, but Mac Miller's latest style switcheroo goes even deeper than follicles. Yesterday, Mac revealed a brand new nose piercing by way of Instagram. The tiny stud is a definite throwback to '90s icons like Dennis Rodman, but is there room for the rapper's nasal bling in this millennium? The jury's still out.

The social media debate among Mac's fans has been heating up ever since the "Most Dope" star shared the above pic of his new look yesterday. While some seem to dig the schnoz decoration, others are calling Mac out for being a poser. "The nose piercing makes him feel more like a thug, but still tho ur white not Pac," Instagram user @josuenotjose said." But really, @josuenotjose, do you think Mac gives a flying f**k about your opinion? In his world, it's only the ladies that count, and it appears he doesn't have to worry about them. The general female consensus? "Sexy," as @maggieannemoody put it. Hey, if Dennis Rodman managed to wife up Carmen Electra, it's safe to say Mac's dating life won't take a hit.

+ So, what do you think of Mac's new piercing? Vote in our poll!

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Photo: Mac Miller's Instagram