Teen Mom Mackenzie Says Her Relationship With Josh Was 'Awful' During Early Parenthood [Video]


They may be a happily married couple these days, but when "Teen Mom 3"'s Mackenzie and her baby's father, Josh, were struggling to find their way as parents during the first year of Gannon's life, their relationship hit rock bottom. Considering their good fortune now, it's difficult for her to reflect on the emotional pain she endured in the past, but the memory is still clear as day.

"Before I got pregnant, we were kinda just like best friends, and then when I got pregnant, it was like, 'Okay, this is real," she tells "Teen Mom 3 After Show" host Maci Bookout in the clip below. "The first year of Gannon's life was awful...no communication, fighting all the time. It was pretty bad."


The rest of the girls, including Maci, who's been co-parenting with her ex, Ryan, for over five years now, can relate to Mackenzie's comments, especially when Maci brings up Josh's accusations that his fiancé griped too much. They're all sick of hearing themselves nag, but the shared sentiment around the room is that they wouldn't have to if their babies' fathers would just grow up already! Briana sums up the situation in a nutshell: "You don't need to be a mother for two kids, just for one."

Throughout the season of "Teen Mom 3," you'll see these four young women mature rapidly out of necessity, but it will take the guys in their lives awhile to catch up. Not all of them ever will. Check out the video below to hear more of the ladies' conversation, and tell us what you thought of the series premiere!

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Photo: Colin Gray