'Wild 'N Out''s Mikey Day Violates 'Guy Code' With Weird Handshake [Bonus Scene]


It's human nature to want to fit in, and with so many up-and-coming comics in the "Wild 'N Out" cast, veterans like Mikey Day can often feel out of touch with the new kids. However, in this bonus scene from last night's episode, Mikey learns a quick lesson in how not to act if he wants to stay relevant, and confuses the hell out of Chico Bean with the most awkward greeting ever.

In the clip, Mikey welcomes Chico backstage with what looks like a secret handshake that he forgot to let Chico in on. "Man, what are you doing?" Chico asks while trying to keep up with Mikey's gestures. "Just giving five," Mikey responds while flailing around. Er, at that rate, you're giving more like twenty, bud. And while we could continue to make fun of Mikey's lack of swagger, we'd rather just refer him to the "Guy Code" vid below, in which Damien Lemon explains the pitfalls of trying too hard with fist-bumps in painful detail.

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