Best Hair? Least Likely To Survive To Graduation? The 'Teen Wolf' Cast Hand Out Superlatives [Video]


Some of the "Teen Wolf" cast accept the Best Ensemble award at the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards

They may have spent more time tracking down a serial killer fuglier than Freddy Krueger and disbanding a demon wolf-led Alpha Pack than studying for class, but let us not forget: Scott and his friends are still just teenagers. Considering they're the ones always saving the town's adults (or trying to, at least), this fact is often overlooked, so when ET got a hold of the "Teen Wolf" cast recently, they took the opportunity to remind the very attractive group of actors of their onscreen ages, and asked them to hand-pick some superlatives for a fictional Beacon Hills High School Yearbook. In other words, to do what teens do best: judge each other!

First up? Best Hair. "Ah jeez, Probably Stiles this season. Because he has hair this time," Tyler Posey notes of Dylan O'Brien's perfectly tousled Season 3 'do. But if simply having the stuff is grounds for winning, we, along with Crystal Reed, think Holland Roden's Lydia and her long, flowing locks deserve this distinguished honor. There's just something about those redheads! And because we're halfway through the bloodiest season yet, no BHHS superlative list would be complete without questioning who's least likely to graduate. While the rest of the cast can't bring themselves to answer, the always cheeky TyPo chimes in with "Boyd!" To which we say, LOW BLOW, BRO -- he was your werewolf brethren!

+ Check out the rest of the superlatives, and let us know if you agree with the cast's picks!

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