Caught On GIF! 'Catfish' Justin Makes An Unfortunate Example Of Artis


Justin starts out with the slow clap. This can't be good...

In the troll-ridden world wide web, striving for morality is a noble cause, but Justin took his crusade to the extreme on the latest "Catfish" episode. When Artis' relationship was falling apart around him, he took to the Internet and met a beautiful blonde named Jess...or so he thought. In reality, he was talking to a one-man police force named Justin, whose mission was to call out Facebook users he considered cheaters. And as soon as Justin pulled up to a public park where he, Artis, Nev and Max had agreed to meet, we knew there was trouble to come.

Call us cynics, but a slow clap used as an introduction can't be good, and when Justin and Artis came face-to-face, blows looked imminent. Thankfully Nev, who was on crutches, was still able to keep the guys from engaging in a physical altercation, but the words exchanged between them were equally crushing. If you've recovered enough from the incredibly uncomfortable episode to take a second look, check out our GIF summary.


Confusion sets in as Artis spots Justin, not Jess.


Nev tries to intervene, but Justin isn't deterred.


Justin has a lot of aggression to get out, but it doesn't make immediate sense.


Artis tries to keep his cool, but gets visibly irritated.


Annnnnd one last humdinger from Justin before Artis takes a walk to cool off.

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