These 10 GIFs Are All You Need To Know About 'Big Tips Texas' For Now


The 2013 VMAs brought all sorts of theatrics, but the night wasn't just about music and twerking. At one point, in between Miley's freak-nasty teddy bear orgy and Katy Perry's homage to Mike Tyson, MTV premiered a first look at its upcoming reality series, "Big Tips Texas," which promptly replaced #IllNeverLookAtFoamFingersTheSame as a top Twitter trend. Who knew you guys were so into scantily-clad girls dancing on bar-tops, driving fast cars and wrestling each other on Jager-coated floors?

Duh. We did! We did!

The promo was only 30 seconds long, but people have been talking about it non-stop since it aired, so we've gone ahead and created some GIFs to quench your thirst for fishbowl margaritas and cowgirl couture until "BTT" hits the network with a shotgun bang this fall. Feast your eyes -- again and again -- on the ladies of Redneck Heaven, y'all.

 tSngwMd - Imgur

txd7c62 - Imgur

o014EVF - Imgur

ZtDHqkw - Imgur

SwErzeh - Imgur

f3Td0ah - Imgur

MzLtr1a - Imgur

JktpyDp - Imgur

P1dKnCA - Imgur

N45GksJ - Imgur

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