'Wild 'N Out' Comedian Karlous Miller Comes Forward As A 'Catfish' Victim [Video]


Sure, Karlous Miller is a bit of a klepto, but the "Wild 'N Out" comedian does not -- in any way, shape or form -- condone the act of stealing people's identities. That's off limits. After all, on the scale of crimes, lifting stuff from the "WNO" wardrobe closet is nothing compared to the average amount of trickery we see on MTV's "Catfish," and in this backstage interview, Karlous confesses that he's fallen victim to online deceit in the past. Somebody email Nev Shulman!

In the clip below, the Georgia native tells his strange tale of Internet love gone wrong. "I got catfished one time, but this was the weirdest catfish ever," he says. (Weirder than a girl who pretended to be her BFF's boyfriend? We don't know, he has some stiff competition.) "All her pictures were of her sitting down...why she in a damn wheelchair?" he laments. Well, it's better than finding out your crush was arrested for harboring a weapon of mass destruction...

Watch the video, and tune in to "Wild 'N Out" tonight at 11/10c on MTV2!

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