Kenny Santucci Would Have Preferred If Wes Were Shocked By Cattle Prod On 'Rivals II' [Video]


Like old habits, old rivalries sure seem to die hard, and though it's been a few years since Kenny Santucci had to lug Wes Bergmann up a mountain on the original "Rivals" finale, the self-professed Mr. Beautiful is still holding a pretty big grudge. On the latest "Challenge Screening Room," Kenny and Jamie Lee of "Girl Code" broke down the "Blind Leading The Blind" mission on "Rivals II," and Ken says if it were up to him, Wes would have gotten a whole lot more than a slight shock.

"I'm thrilled to watch Wes get electrocuted," Kenny says in the clip below with a grin fit for Christmas morning. "I just wish there was a couple more volts in that should've blew his head right off." Sadly for Kenny, Wes wound up doing pretty well in the mission, but at the very least he had Nany and Jonna to openly mock for making the game look more difficult than an escape from Alcatraz. "I really related to them," Jamie admitted as footage of the girls' struggle rolled. "I'd just be like, 'Where are we? Where are the snacks?'"

Check out the dynamic duo's take on the most recent episode, and stay tuned for the next "Rivals II," Wednesday night at 10/9c!

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