Terror Strikes Upon Snooki's Return To Seaside Heights [Photos]


Snooki is hardly amused by this Seaside Heights boardwalk ride.

Delivering a baby suddenly seems more appealing than stepping back on "Jersey Shore" soil. During a recent reunion trip to the Seaside Heights boardwalk, which is almost back in tip-top shape after being ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, partners-in-crime Snooki & JWOWW sought out some thrills on the new rides, but when Nicole locked herself into the Super Storm, her smile quickly faded to terror. IT'S TOO LATE TO TURN BACK NOW.

Luckily, as soon as the best friends took flight, the mom of one year became remarkably composed ('atta girl!), but we imagine the carousel ride was a little more her speed, especially after the ladies' latest dude ranch adventure. And are those stuffed frogs in tow? Crocadilly will finally have a few playtime pals!

Check out more from "Snooki & JWOWW" Season 3 filming, and stay tuned for their triumphant return to MTV in October!


Snooks doesn't seem so bent out of shape anymore.


The best friends end their day with a couple's trip around the carousel. Aww!

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Photos: Mejia-Ford/Splash News