'Teen Mom 3' Bonus Scene: Katie's BFF Was In On Joey's Marriage Proposal


Whether it's getting into your dream college or finally being asked out by your longtime crush, one of the first people you share the big news with is your best friend. When Joey popped the question to Katie on last night's double-episode premiere of "Teen Mom 3," she may not have had the most enthusiastic reaction in the history of marriage proposals, but when the newly engaged couple returned home from telling Joey's mom and step-dad about their memorable dinner, she immediately phoned up her BFF to (a bit) more excitedly spill the details. Little did she know, Veronica was totally aware of Joey's plan the entire time!

"I got my Christmas present..." Katie tells her buddy in the bonus scene below. Veronica plays dumb as Katie gushes about the proposal, but eventually gives in to the temptation of confessing that she was in on the whole thing. "Pretty ring, huh?" Veronica says as she waits for the realization to dawn on her friend. "You saw it!?" Katie replies to over-the-phone laughter. "There was no way I was going to ruin this surprise," Veronica says, which, in our humble opinion, is a pretty good justification for keeping her mouth shut.

Check out the clip to hear Katie and Veronica's sweet conversation, as well as Katie's re-telling of the proposal story to Joey's mom, who is very disappointed in her son for not crying!

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