'Teen Mom 3 After Show': Alex Says She Didn't Expect Matt To Stay Clean After His Return From Rehab


Tonight's "Teen Mom 3" double-episode premiere was chock full of drama, particularly between Alex and her baby's father, Matt, who had just returned home from rehab. When he pestered Alex to travel all the way downtown to a shady neighborhood for some food, it was hard to give Matt the benefit of the doubt that he was jonesing for a sandwich and not his drug of choice, especially when he came back to the car without anything to eat.

In the "Teen Mom 3 After Show" clip below, Alex tells host Maci Bookout that she had certainly suspected Matt of lying, as she'd experienced it all before, and that she'd become doubtful over time that Arabella's dad was ready to get -- and stay -- clean. While she says there was a point when he was writing her letters from treatment that expressed a willingness to change, which made her cautiously optimistic, it quickly became clear upon Matt's return that it had all been lip service.


"I think what he wanted was someone by his side during rehab, and when he got out, he didn't need it anymore," she shares with Maci and her fellow teen moms. "It was really him trying to manipulate me." By this stage in Matt's downward spiral, though, Alex was used to being let down, and looking back, the constant disappointment had desensitized her. "The Matt that kept writing me letters...I did have feelings for him," she explains. "But when he came back and I physically saw him, I didn't feel it anymore. It made me realize at that point that I hadn't felt any type of physical connection with him since when I was pregnant."

+ Hear more from Alex on her rough road with Matt in the video below, plus take the poll and tell us whether you think Matt was lying about his sandwich run.

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