Briana And Her Cast Mates Discuss The Loneliness Of Being A Teen Mom [Video]


Despite the support she receives from her mom and older sister, on tonight's double-episode premiere of "Teen Mom 3," Briana confessed to Brittany that she still felt alone in having to raise her five-month-old daughter, Nova, without help from the baby's biological father, Devoin. Her sentiment was echoed by the rest of her cast mates and a group of other young mothers during our "Teen Mom 3 After Show" -- even by the ones whose babies' fathers play active roles in their children's lives -- and in the clip below, host Maci Bookout leads the discussion on why teen motherhood can cause feelings of alienation.

For Briana, her happy family fantasy was crushed after Nova was born and reality set in. "When it happened totally opposite [from what I expected], it's like, 'This is not what I wanted for myself. Why am I in this position?'" she comments of having to raise Nova as a single mother. Alex, whose on-again-off-again boyfriend, Matt, lives with her on the show, agrees. "I constantly am alone," she says. "I don't even bother [with Matt]. I kind of like being alone, I don't want to deal with him."


The truth is, though, even if flying solo is preferable than having to deal with baby-daddy drama, it doesn't change the fact that having a child means your priorities must change drastically, making you lose touch with pals who don't share the same responsibilities. "It's like they move on without you," Katie says of her friend, Veronica, who was free to leave the state for college while Katie stayed in her hometown with Joey to raise their daughter. "You get to watch them do it, and you're left behind."

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