'Teen Mom 3' Poll: Do You Think Katie Will Make It To The Altar?


Without fail, whenever we ask one of MTV's teen moms about the toughest emotional struggle she faces, it's that her fantasy of having the perfect family has yet to come true. Some are still holding out for the fairy tale, whereas others have grown jaded and doubtful any such thing exists. The girls on each iteration of the series have experienced countless disappointments and broken promises from their babies' fathers, whether it's a matter of the guys falling short of their parental responsibilities or not being present at all, such as in the case of Brianna's ex-boyfriend, Devoin, on "Teen Mom 3." And then there's Joey, who seems to be very involved in his daughter Molli's life, but is distant and sometimes downright hostile to his daughter's mother, Katie.

On tonight's double-episode premiere, Katie's lackluster acceptance of Joey's marriage proposal may have foreshadowed more troubles ahead for the couple. She explains to "Teen Mom 3 After Show" host Maci Bookout in the clip below how the relationship started to go downhill once Molli was born: "It went from being just me and him, to being me, him and Molli, and so we put all of our affection into her, and I didn't really get any for me," she says.


After Katie's cast mates share about their own communication problems with their babies' fathers, Maci brings up Katie's televised engagement, and asks if she felt it would endure. While Katie responds that breaking up was not an option for her at the time, she does express that she was skeptical the wedding would take place. "I just thought, this is what we're supposed to be doing, it's not what I wanted to be doing," she says. "It felt like the right thing at the time, but I didn't ever picture myself marrying him."

+ Do you think Katie will make it to the altar? Watch the after show clip to hear her talk more about her complicated relationship with Joey, then take our poll.

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