'Wild 'N Out' Sneak Peek: Lil Duval's Bathroom Bling Steals The Spotlight From Nick Cannon


Earlier this summer, Nick Cannon and Lil Duval joined forces to introduce both of their MTV2 series during the network's "Red, Wild 'N Blue Weekend," but since then, the two funnymen have returned to their respective corners, and plan to duke it out on the next episode of "Wild 'N Out." Game on!

In the sneak peek below, Duval and Nick size each other up before beginning the battle for top MTV2 dog, but even though the comedians are about to tear into one another for the championship belt, Nick sets any animosity aside to give his guest a proper welcome. "This dude I'm about to bring on the stage might have a fighting chance, because he's one of the hottest stand-up comics in the game," he announces to the audience. Duval takes his cue from the head honcho and enters with a diamond-encrusted mini-toilet around his neck, putting any and all of Flavor Flav's blinged-out clocks to shame. "Somebody's going to run off with your toilet," Nick jokes. "No they ain't," Duval replies as he sets off his jewelry's security alarm.

You've got to admire a man who comes prepared -- let's just hope Duval's jokes don't end up in the crapper. Check out the clip, and make sure to tune in for the show on Tuesday night at 11/10c!

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