'Teen Wolf' Star Crystal Reed Assures VMA Red Carpet Hosts She Is Not A Crook [Video]


"Teen Wolf" star Crystal Reed is a vision in red at the 2013 Video Music Awards.

If the 007 series has taught us one thing (outside of how to successfully fall off a 20-story building unscathed), it's that looks can be deceiving, and even the world's most beautiful women can be hardened criminals. To the best of our knowledge, Crystal Reed of "Teen Wolf" isn't one, but that didn't stop 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet Report hosts Grimes and Rachel Antonoff from asking if she planned to make off with her outfit's lavish jewelry. Surely it's against the Argent's code!

After debating whether C. Reed's purse was embellished with pony hair (they can do that?!), Rachel and Grimes got down to the question on everyone's minds with regard to Crystal's borrowed Neil Lane ring. "Are you thinking of making a run for the border with it?" Rachel asked. "No, but I had it very tightly locked in my safe," Crystal answered. There you have it, folks! Crystal Reed: dressed to kill, but not, in fact, a high-end crook.

Check out more from the "Teen Wolf" star, including how she ensured her wardrobe wouldn't malfunction!

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Photo: WireImage