Tweeting At The VMAs: MTV Stars Juggle Status-Updating With Real Live Socializing

It didn't happen if it wasn't tweeted. Right? This millennial sentiment never rang more true than at tonight's Video Music Awards, where dozens of MTV casties hobnobbed with each other, as well as the music industry's biggest names...while simultaneously tweeting their interactions for public consumption. Multi-tasking is clearly a prerequisite for stardom in the social media age.

From Danity Kane's photo op with a tongue-happy Miley Cyrus, to Carly Aquilino's profession of love for her "Girl Code" co-star and boyfriend, Chris Distefano, we could have sworn we were right by these guys' sides as they experienced one epic night in Brooklyn...instead of being glued to our laptops and picking Taco Bell remnants out of our teeth. But that's the whole point, innnn't it? The Interwebs keeps us all connected, yo.

Check out some of our favorite tweets and Instagrams from the 2013 #VMAs, then be sure and upload a pic of what you ate for dinner to Facebook. It makes us feel closer...

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Photos courtesy of Aubrey O'Day's Instagram, Carly Aquilino's Instagram, Nikki Glaser's Twitter and Chris Distefano's Instagram