'Catfish' Poll: Was Justin's Online Quest To Call Out Cheaters Noble Or Nasty?


If Lauren and Derek's blissful union was a "Catfish" fairy tale-come-true, then Justin and Artis' meeting was the show's equivalent to a train wreck: We tried, but we just couldn't look away. On tonight's special pre-VMA sneak episode, a young father named Artis found himself in a relationship that had run its course; he and his children's mother were no longer in love, and his loneliness eventually led him to develop an online connection with a woman named Jess. Sadly (but not surprisingly), "Jess" turned out not to be Jess, and Justin, the Facebook account's puppeteer, looked ready to tear Artis apart when he finally got the chance to meet him. This was a first -- the catfish being the angry participant!

It took awhile for Justin to cool down once he met Artis at a park, but once his initial anger subsided, he explained that he duped Artis because he felt a moral obligation to call out cheaters. Nev and Max told Justin it wasn't his place to act as the world's decency police, but Justin insisted that his scheme was fair, and that he had no regrets about leading Artis on. Did he have a point?

+ Take the poll and tell us whether you think Justin's cause was noble, or if it wasn't his place to get involved in Artis' affairs.

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