Help Carly Aquilino Of 'Girl Code' Choose Her VMAs Outfit! [Photos]

 option 1

Option #1

Funny girl Carly Aquilino has made a career of turning people's frowns upside down, but this week it was her own face that needed brightening. On Wednesday, the "Girl Code" star came up against a dire fashion emergency, tweeting in a rage that she'd been duped by a so-called stylist who did "not do his job at all." You see, the red-hot comedienne is headed to her first-ever VMAs, and like cast mate Jessimae Peluso, who's planning to attend the event dressed as a salami sandwich, Carly knows how important it is to make a memorable statement on the red carpet. Apparently, the person she hired to help with her look turned out to be a dud, but it sounds like she's now found a way to make up for the whole disaster: She's asking fans to weigh in and pick between these two sexy numbers. Crisis averted!

option 2

Option #2

So, will it be the angelic, all-white jumper or the more edgy halter/shorts combo? Personally, we think she's a sight for sore eyes in both. Decisions, decisions...

+ Can ya help a girl out? Tell Carly in the comments which ensemble she should sport to the 2013 VMAs, airing Sunday night at 9/8c!

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