The 'Teen Mom 3' Girls Have Solidified Their Bond With Friendship Necklaces [Video]


Briana, Alex and Katie show off their "TM3" friendship necklaces.

For anyone who has been following the social media happs of Katie Yeager, Mackenzie Douthit, Briana Dejesus and Alex Sekella, it won't come as a surprise that this new crop of teen moms are already thick as thieves. After meeting at the "16 & Pregnant" finale special last year, the four of them have kept in touch and grown closer and closer, even though their stories never intersect on "Teen Mom 3." In the interview clip below, Briana, Alex and Katie discuss their mommy bond and how they're commemorating it.

"It's us. It's so us," Alex gushes while admiring the heart-shaped "TM3" necklaces Katie made for her gal pals. Katie commissioned her friend, who runs GiNi's Clay Creations, to make the jewelry. "I like to give people gifts!" she says. But necklaces are only the tip of the iceberg. Briana shares that the last time all four of them were in New York together (to film's "Teen Mom 3 After Show," premiering tonight!), they were planning on getting matching "TM3" ink, but were short on time...and a little scared.

"The next time we come we have to do it," Alex implores. "We are MAKING time!" We can't wait to see if they'll follow through -- after all, it's not like body art is anything new to the "Teen Mom" family!

+ Check out the video to find out what the cast's matching tattoos will represent and why they insist Mackenzie be the first to get inked, and don't forget to tune in for the double-episode premiere of "Teen Mom 3" tonight at 10/9c!

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Photo: Michele Crowe