Deena Nicole Cortese Announces Singing Career With Silver Screen-Worthy Video


Deena Nicole shows off a little black dress on a summer night.

Since the final "Jersey Shore" episode aired last year, there's surely been a Seaside Heights-shaped hole in the hearts of our eight favorite guidos and guidettes, but the time away from late-night parties and boardwalk escapades hasn't been completely in vain. For Deena Nicole Cortese, it's meant the opportunity to get some perspective on who she is and where she's going, and the meatball says she's finally ready to let go of the drunken street-dancer inside ( least a little bit) and pursue her true calling: singing. And did we mention the announcement comes in a doc-style video that's worthy of any theater?

Below, Deena explains her choice to follow her music dream, and says half the battle has been letting go of the fear that's derailed her in the past. "It took me a little bit to, kind of, push myself to do it, because I was a little bit nervous about what everyone else was gonna think," Deena narrates as footage of her in the studio and staring out at big city lights intertwines. "Finally, I got the courage to just do it...I'm just doing it for myself." Bravo, D! There's no doubt we'll be first in line to snatch up your debut single.

+ Check out Deena's big announcement, and tell us what you think of the news!

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Photo courtesy of @DeenaNicoleMTV