'Rivals II' Sneak Peek: Frank's Low-Blows Might Lead To Housewide Warfare


Forget lions, tigers and bears: The only beast you need to watch out for these days is an irritated Frank. On the next "Rivals II," the house's most reliable hothead sits down for a heart-to-heart with good pal Jonna while out at the bar, but the conversation quickly turns venomous when the friends start to gossip about their fellow Challengers. In the sneak peek below, Frank's trashing of Jemmye feels like an official call to arms.

"Nany, Jemmye...Knight...are pathetic," Frank tells Jonna while in earshot of his targets. "Who the f**k is a Jemmye, except for the ugliest bitch to ever be cast on one of these shows? Go back to the f**king ghetto you crawled out of, Jemmye." When the cast returns to the house, Knight takes flak from his ex-girlfriend for laying low while Frank bashed her. "Frank says all that s**t and you just sit there and shake your f**king head," Jemmye lectures. "You're a bitch." It's not long before a revved-up Camila chimes in, and she looks ready to explode (what else is new?) should her partner keep the argument going.

Things are gonna get ugly! Check out the video and tune in to the new episode Wednesday night at 10/9c.

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