The Amazing Adventures Of 'Rivals II' Mascot Johnny Banobblehead! [Photos]


It's a bird, it's a's Johnny Banobblehead!

Last month, a certain member of the "Rivals II" family gave birth to a ceramic baby in his likeness with a head large enough to represent his massive ego. An ego so massive it earned him the title of biggest attention-seeker in the house. However, Johnny Bananas' newfound paternal role has brought out a soft side in the "Challenge" great, and ever since he ushered Johnny Banobblehead into this world, he's been the best dad ever, shepherding his little one all over the place to show him what life has to offer.

From foodie feasts to his very first baseball game (ain't nothing more American than that!), Johnny Jr. has seen more in his first month on this earth than most other statues his age (except for maybe the KAWS moonman, who traveled all the way from LA to NYC for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards), and Papa John has documented every step of his child's amazing adventures -- including his induction into the Mile High Club! Because even though Bananas is a father now, he's still Bananas, and making sure his son gets laid is crucial. Let's take a look at all the fun times these two peas in a pod have shared so far, shall we?


Papa John takes little J to meet his favorite baseball player, Coco Crisp!


Oakland A's outfielder Seth Smith (#15) is excited to welcome Mr. Banobblehead to the dugout.


A day at the ball park calls for a hearty meal. Think Johnny Banobblehead can finish that gourmet slider?


Let's hope he locked his tray and put his chair in the upright position before strapping in for the big flight!


Johnny Banobblehead is a man now: Daddy J made sure his offspring joined the Mile High Club with this lovely cougar.

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Photos courtesy of Johnny Bananas Instagram.