That's What You Said...About 'Catfish' Loyda Tying The Knot


Loyda celebrates the big day alongside her mother.

As emotionally taxing as some "Catfish" stories can be, they're often exactly what deceitful online-daters need in order to be jolted back into reality. And after Loyda Beltran took a critical look at the way she toyed with Ramon's heart, she was able to harness a real love that amounted to marriage! Last month, she got hitched to John "Alex" Albear, and told Remote Control this week that she's never been happier.

As Loyda wasn't necessarily the "Catfish" most viewers expected to walk down the aisle so soon, show fans had a ton to say on Remote Control and Facebook. Take a look at some choice comments below, and leave your own congrats for Loyda!

Remote Control:

"Congrats Loyda. I hate How Ramon tried to make her look a fool." -- T.j.

"I'm so happy for her. She deserves to be happy. I know her and her family personally. They are good people." -- Aidan

"So happy for the positive news, and congrats to her and her new husband." -- Michelle


"Well, that was fast, but congratulations to her." -- Angelica N.

"Good for her, but I don't envy the groom having to deal with his mother-in-law! lol" -- Howard K.

"Loyda looked so pretty!" -- Emily F.

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Photo courtesy of Loyda Beltran