Tyler Posey Seduces Kristen Johnston And The Entire Female Population By Proxy On 'The Exes' [Video]


And extra credit for the ability to rock sideburns in 2013.

Tyler Posey may be the master of breaking young girls' hearts (we're pretty sure we heard a few thousand shatter when he proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Seana Gorlick), but apparently the "Teen Wolf" star's supernatural abs can make even the cougars of the world weak in the knees. Last night on TV Land's "The Exes," TyPo played a flirty law school student who enticed attorney Holly Franklin, played by Kristen Johnston, to help tutor him in a variety of subjects...if you know what we mean.

In the clip from the show below, Tyler's character, Eric, uses the ol' drop an Intro to Con Law book at the feet of a gorgeous older woman trick to successfully catch Holly's attention. After she brags about her glory days of being an ace first-year student, Eric replies with a bold "smart and sexy," and asks her to school him in private. Now, we opted to follow our hearts into a career where we get to blog about, er, Tyler Posey's abs, but had we known that higher education was also chock-full-o' hunks, we might have been persuaded to apply.

+ Check out the video, and tell us what you think of TyPo's seduction skills!

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Photo courtesy of "The Exes" Facebook page.

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