One Night Only! Ready Yourself For The Return Of MTV's 'The Grind,' Brooklyn-Style


Back when shopping at Urban Outfitters necessitated a train ride into the big city and every teenager's Discman was playing "Gangsta's Paradise" on repeat, MTV's "The Grind" kept pre-"TRL" audiences on their feet with the freshest '90s club hits and bountiful strobe lights. From 1992-1997, the show was the authority on all things house music, and now, nearly 15 years after the televised dance party went off the air, it's returning from the mists! But you'd better soak it up while you can, because it's only back for one special evening.

Tonight at 9 p.m. on's VMA All Access livestream, James Montgomery and guest Nick Catchdubs of Fool's Gold will pick up where the likes of Eric Nies and DJ Jackie Christie left off, with just a small change in location: It's all going down in Brooklyn, site of Sunday's 2013 MTV Video Music Awards! Even though your calendar might read August 2013, consider the "Grind" revival your permission to jump into that time machine (and maybe some Doc Martens) and bust out your best Rump Shaker.

Remember: Check back at 9 p.m., and if the spirit of "The Grind" has slipped your mind, take a look at one of the funky-fresh Beach House raves below. Ready those glow sticks!

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