You Win Some, You Lose Some: 'Rivals' Jonna And Nany Can't Take Pain, Jordan Is Superman

Much of "The Challenge"'s entertainment value is the drama that erupts off the field, but "Rivals II" includes some incredible competitors whose moves keep us on the edge of our seats, too. Each week, we're pointing out the highs and lows of every mission, so you can watch every triumph, and every COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE, on a loop forever and ever. You win some, you lose some...


If you can't stand the heat...stay put? On last night's "Rivals II," the Challengers were tasked with maneuvering through a maze while blindfolded, but the further they progressed, the more intensely they were shocked by electric wrist straps. For Frank and Johnny, it was no trouble at all, but for Nany and Jonna, it proved to be more pain than could be stomached. Later on in The Jungle, Jordan put the girls' efforts to shame with some flying that would make Superman seethe with envy. Take a look at the high and low points from the episode as GIFs!


WIN SOME: Some people might have better luck charging through an 18-wheeler than through Leroy, but the very tenacious Jordan proved that he was more than ready to take on the uphill battle. While Marlon fought to keep Ty pinned to the ground, Jordan pushed past his opponent when a fateful pivot saw him through the elimination round's narrow hallway and to the victory bell.


LOSE SOME: To be fair, we've not been electrocuted recently, and it could very well be a painful experience, but when Frank likened Jonna and Nany to five-year-olds too afraid to move through a haunted house, he didn't seem too off the mark. The usually solid team crumbled in "Blind Leading The Blind" and their tear-fueled fighting proved they are still very much rivals. Good thing it wasn't a girls' Jungle day!

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