The Countdown Is On! Will Danity Kane Be Back Together By This Time Next Week?


It's a story we've been following more closely than the Royal Baby's birth or any newspaper's front page: Is Danity Kane getting back together? And, if so, uhh, WHEN?!? Aubrey O'Day has hinted it could happen, Dawn Richard says she's really effin' ready and now, it looks like we might finally have a reason to believe this isn't all just a fever dream: There's a mysterious digital clock on the DK website counting down the days and hours 'til...something. GET TO YOUR BATTLE STATIONS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

Very recently, a verified Danity Kane Twitter account went live and alerted followers to the group's new and improved site, which features only a clock that's counting down to zero. With fewer than five days until that happens, it sounds like something VERY BIG is around the corner (you know, aside from the VMAs), and we have a feeling it will be nothing short of show-stopping. "...the countdown continues..." the social media account posted last night. Don't let us down, DK!

What do you think the girls have got up their collective sleeve? Check back with us in four days and some-odd hours, and hopefully, we'll have reason to celebrate!

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Photo courtesy of @DanityKane