There's Something About Jonna! A Look Back At Her 'Rival'-Inciting, Man-Eating History


Looking straight into Medusa's eyes may turn a man to stone, but one glance at Jonna Mannion's baby blues and an even more dangerous fate could befall him: He'll turn to mush. The Challenger-turned-Real Worlder-turned-Challenger has hypnotizing the opposite sex down to a science, but sadly, it usually comes at the expense of relationships with her fellow female cast members. Whether it's because she went for a suitor her friend saw first or took her beau's side instead of her best friend's, Jonna has qualified for "Rivals" twice now due to her dating record. And her new "Rivals II" boy toy, Jordan, could possibly land her in the ring again should "Rivals III" ever come to fruition. Don't remember the details of Jonna's shady history? Then let us guide you through the whos, whats and whens:

The scene: Cancun

The players: Jasmine and a Canadian named Patrick

What happened: Jasmine's Mexican oasis became a living hell when Jonna, whom she'd considered a friend, swooped in on her crush, Pat, after he rejected Jaz. As Pat and Jonna grew closer, Jasmine turned to the bottle, and one night -- after having locked her frustrations inside for so long -- she finally exploded and nearly tore down some of the house's finest drapes.

The scene: Bodrum, Turkey

The players: Zach and Nany

What happened: Almost immediately after "Battle Of The Seasons" kicked off, Zach fell so hard for Jonna that she felt compelled to break up with her boyfriend on the spot. Later on in the season, Zach and Jonna's BFF Nany wound up at odds, and rather than defend her friend, Jonna sided with Zach throughout the discord. A violation of "Girl Code?" Nany certainly seemed to think so, and now, the two are still relative strangers on "Rivals II."

So, here's the question: Now that Jonna and Jordan are starting to get hot and heavy, do you think Jonna could find herself in trouble with Sarah, who was Jordan's preferred cuddle buddy before her untimely elimination? And could Jasmine's old feelings of being hurt by Jonna resurface? If there ever comes a "Rivals III," this could be a good place to start looking for potential pairings.

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Photo: Rene Cervantes