Uh Oh! Katie Yeager's Daughter Has Officially Entered The Terrible Twos! [Video]


We know that feel, Molls. The morning after a big birthday party is rough.

Though the "Teen Mom 3" kiddos will be significantly smaller and less frisky when the show premieres on August 26th, we're having a blast tracking their real-time progress as toddlers, which includes honing their dancing abilities, growing personalities and getting into all sorts of mischief. Alex Sekella's child, Arabella, went into princess mode on her second birthday, but Katie Yeager's little one, Molli, has taken the opportunity to turn the terrible twos into a more literal endeavor.

After Molli celebrated her recent 2nd birthday, Katie shared the clip below on Instagram of her daughter using her cutie-pie charms to get away with spritzing mom with a water bottle. "Whoever taught her how to do this is dead," Katie joked to her followers of Molls' new favorite trick. We hate to encourage it, but disobedience has never been more adorable.

Watch the clip, and check out Katie's "16 & Pregnant" episode before the "Teen Mom 3" premiere on August 26th!

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Photo and video courtesy of Katie Yeager's Instagram.

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