'Catfish' Bonus Scene: See How Brian Convinced Jesse To Move To Alabama


Shifting a relationship from cyberspace to the real world might be a delicate process for some couples, but on the most recent "Catfish" episode, Brian barely had time to give Jesse a hug for the first time before putting all his cards on the table: He wanted his Internet GF to move from Pennsylvania to Alabama to live with him, and ASAP. Jesse knew that relocating would be a huge step that she shouldn't take lightly, and in the bonus scene below, Brian does all he can to convince his love that a simple Southern life is worth the risk.

After guiding Jesse through his sprawling backyard, where he says he used to "whittle" for worms with his grandfather to use as bait, Brian leads Jesse out to a bench at the edge of a dock. "I want you to feel comfortable; I want you to feel safe," he tells her as the two look out over the picturesque pond. "I want you to feel like you can open up."

"I'd be very comfortable here," she says, before Brian leans in and plants a kiss on her. Wait, is this "Catfish" or "The Notebook"?

Check out the whole scene!

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