Find Out How You Can Join The 'Nikki & Sara LIVE' Team For A Day!


If you fancy yourself a pop culture nerd, "Bachelor" expert and/or simply an obsessed "Nikki & Sara LIVE" fan, we've got the type of opportunity that will have you doing back flips (careful with that, though). Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer are well into Season 2 of their talk show, and with celeb phenomena like the birth of Kimye's baby not letting up one bit, they need a lil' help with their hosting duties! That's right, the ladies are looking for two qualified candidates to clone in their own image...because four heads are better than two!

Now, Nikki and Sara's responsibilities as co-hosts and sassy BFFs ain't easy work, but if you think you've got what it takes to rub elbows with Hollywood stars and crack jokes about tampons, you should DEFINITELY enter their "Help Wanted" contest for a chance to shadow the co-hosts in NYC for a day and even assist them out in the field! Lots of giggling and coffee-drinking included.

Whether you're part of a tag-team much like Nikki & Sara, or you like to fly solo, submit your application for the 24-hour internship here. (You can always lie on your resumé and say it was longer, right?)

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Photo: Brendan Tobin

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