Caught On GIF: Before Calling It Quits, Jesse And Non-'Catfish' Brian Share A Sweet First Meeting


Shyness takes over as Jesse prepares to meet her online boyfriend.

Though the connection Jesse and Brian shared across a three-year-long virtual relationship was undeniable, it didn't last on tonight's "Catfish." When Jesse finally worked up the nerve to leave her home and move in with the war veteran at the end of the episode, she quickly realized her choice was a mistake and that she and Brian were doomed to fail. But it didn't discount the fact that the couple's first meeting was among the show's sweetest: To our knowledge, Jesse is the first featured dater to use Max as a shield from her own embarrassment.

After some basic research, Nev and Max seemed sure that Brian wasn't lying about his identity, but still had concerns when their investigation yielded proof that Brian had been arrested for possession of a deadly weapon. Jesse wasn't deterred from meeting the man, though, and once she did, got all the explanation she needed (you know, after giggling like a lovestruck schoolgirl). Check out Jesse and Brian's adorable first encounter in a series of GIFs!


Annnnd still hiding.


 Brian is a man in love!


Jesse still has trouble believing her potential "Catfish" is the real deal.


Brian embraces his real-life girlfriend, who's still shaken.

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