Former 'Teen Mom' Couple Maci Bookout And Ryan Edwards Exhibit 'Hills'-Level Club Drama [Video]


Maci and Ryan on "16 & Pregnant" in 2009, and today, on "Being Maci"

Now that "Teen Mom" exes Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout are settling into their 20s, and their son Bentley is a well-adjusted 5-year-old, it's much easier for the two to let loose from time to time. But when their separate nights out with friends accidentally intersected on MTV's "Being Maci" special, a little bit of booze and a lot of old feelings brought the former fiancés back to a long-forgotten place. Random romantic reunion in a dark, noisy nightclub? Are we sure this isn't an episode of "The Hills"?

What was supposed to be a GNO for Maci takes a much different turn in this clip from the show. When the girls bump into Ryan and his buds at a spot called Raw, Maci digs into her old bf, asking him why he's out when it's his turn to be with Bentley (we've definitely heard this argument before!). Despite Maci's initial attempt to give Ryan the cold shoulder, the two soon gravitate toward one another, and fall back into familiar flirty territory. "You look sexy," Ryan coyly tells his ex after she expresses her wish for his own happiness. "Don't even start with that!" she replies, unable to hold back a smile for her old high school sweetheart. She's clearly not taking too much offense to his compliment.

It certainly doesn't signal wedding bells, but for every "Teen Mom" fan who's still pulling for Maci and Ryan to give it one last go, it's reassuring to see there are still boatloads of chemistry between them. Check out the video and see for yourself!

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