In Memory Of Jennifer Blake, Here Are The 'Teen Wolf' Sweetheart-Turned-Psychopath's Standout Moments

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Sweet one minute, sour the next: Jennifer Blake of "Teen Wolf" was the Jekyll and Hyde of Beacon Hills, and it's unlikely she'll be resting in peace after tonight's summer finale. The endearingly self-conscious English teacher charmed her students toward the beginning of the semester with a reassuring smile and genuine love of literature, but quickly proved that her squeaky clean act was a veneer. By the time mid-terms rolled around, she was outed as the dreaded Darach killer.

Jennifer's dark heart wasn't inherent, though: Before becoming The Darach, she was a loyal emissary to Kali's pack. But after Deucalion convinced Kali to kill her own troops to achieve a higher power and a spot in the Alpha Pack, Jennifer -- who survived the brutal attack -- swore revenge on them both, and her thirst for blood suddenly eclipsed her good nature.

Tonight, Jennifer finally met her demise when Peter Hale finished the job that Deucalion couldn't (she sure was a fighter!), but not before leaving Beacon Hills in shambles. We sure will miss the brazen psychopath, so in memory of the many moments her very presence made us shudder, we now present you with five of her most standout moments.

The Big Reveal: Jennifer first revealed herself as The Darach to Lydia in extremely uncomfortable fashion. Lydia was not one of Jennifer's sacrifices, but knew a little bit too much for Jennifer's liking, and was almost a casualty of The Darach's lethal plan.

Lesson Learned: When Sheriff Stilinski found Lydia bound to a desk chair, he bravely tried to save her. Jennifer wasn't impressed by the good guy routine, though, and hurled a knife into his chest before crushing his badge with her bare fist and making off into the night with him as her prisoner.

She's Got Claws (Kind Of): Throughout the season, Jennifer had her sights set on destroying Kali and Deucalion, but not until the Lunar Eclipse, when she had the upper hand. So when the pair of Alphas found her at the hospital while at full strength, Jennifer receded into the elevator, paralyzed. That is, until her crazy side kicked in, and she knocked Kali to Kingdom Come with a forcible blow.

The Hazards Of Shattered Glass: When Jennifer finally felt strong enough to face Kali -- the Alpha who'd deceived her -- she didn't hold back. While shooting Kali a menacing glare, she raised the broken glass around her through sheer will alone, pointed each sharpened edge at her opponent and sent them careening through her.

He's Gonna Have a Headache: When it came to Deucalion versus Jennifer, the big, bad Alpha eventually came out on top, but not before The Darach put the man through a brutal beating. Each time Jennifer slammed Deucalion's head into the ground, she looked bizarrely pleased, and were it not for Derek's fateful intervention, she probably would have gotten the job done.

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