Who Will Be The Next Victim In The 'Teen Wolf' Bloodbath?


S**t is gettin' really real, you guys. Executive Producer Jeff Davis wasn't kidding when he said this season of "Teen Wolf" was going to be gruesome. We shed a small tear when bad-ass Beta chick Erica bit it in the abandoned bank, and Derek's inability to bring Boyd back to life caused a stifled sob to escape our lips. And let's not forget the puke-inducing way Deucalion brutally murdered Ennis. Between that trio of wolves and the innocent lives taken by the permanently PMSing Darachifer, we've seen a lot of bloodshed, but most of the core characters are still alive (whew!)...for now, at least.

Going into the summer finale, too many of our faves are poised to die: Scott's mom, Stiles' dad and Allison's pop are tied up underneath a magical tree trunk while they not-so-eagerly await the Darach's guardian sacrifice. In another part of Beacon Hills, their kids are temporarily (we hope) drowning in giant vats of ice water and mistletoe. This surrogate sacrifice is somehow supposed to save the 'rents, leaving only a tattoo-like dark scar on the kiddos' hearts. And that's if Dr. Deaton can even bring them back at all.

Back in Derek's creepy loft, our favorite blue-eyed lycanthrope is risking his own Alpha status to save his sister's life. Much like the surrogate sacrifice, there is a possibility it won't even work, with Derek and/or Cora potentially entering Werewolf Heaven. There's also banshee-Lydia (who Darachifer seems dead set on offing), clawed Kali, those hot twinsies, Isaac (who we're loving more and more with every episode, so keep him alive, please!) and the evil Duke. Oh, and WHERE THE EFF IS OLD MAN GERARD?!

Frankly, all bets are off during tonight's lunar eclipse, and We. Can't. Wait.

+ Who won't make it to the second half of Season 3? Give us your predictions in the comments, and watch it all go down during tonight's "Teen Wolf" summer finale at 10/9c!

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