Which 'Rivals II' Challengers Hit The 'Frenemies' Nail On The Head?


Is Cara Maria the most fake of the "Rivals II" cast? Would you say that Paula's boobs are, indeed, her best body part? These topics might seem petty and judgmental, but on the most recent episode of "The Challenge," answering them truthfully was the only shot teams had at securing a win and avoiding The Jungle. From the biggest attention whore to the house's trashiest female tenant, TJ's instigating questions were as biting as a mutant Venus fly trap, and some answers may have planted the seeds for future rivalries. Now that's how to keep a tradition alive!

So whose picks did you agree with most? We've listed some of the juiciest questions asked during the "Frenemies" competition, as well as the answers TJ received. Take a look at each, cast your vote (check the "Other" box and write a comment if your choice isn't there) and re-watch the scenes below to see how your opinion matches up with the "Challenge" cast's!

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