Spencer Pratt's 30th Birthday Cake Is An Homage To His Days Of Innocence [Photo]

What do you get when you cross a Ninja Turtle with some Lego blocks and a surfboard? Spencer Pratt's birthday cake, of course! The former "Hills" villain turned the very dirty 30 this week, and instead of ringing in the occasion with boring ol' Betty Crocker, Spence got one hell of a nostalgia kick in the form of some very intricate icing sculpted into symbols from his childhood. Who cares whether it's butter cream or fondant when there's an original Nintendo controller waiting for a finger-dunk? Nice work, Heids!

"@spencerpratt Birthday cake I got him! All his favorite things throughout life!" the missus proudly tweeted with the photo above. Palm trees and a busty blonde are a bit of a departure from Julie Andrews' favorite things, but we think the giant pastry is just as appealing -- if not more so -- than raindrops on roses. "The greatest present in the world is having such an AMAZING wife!" Spencer posted after taking in the wonder of the day. For a couple o' pot-stirrers, these two are really tugging at our heartstrings!

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Photo courtesy of Heidi Montag's WhoSay

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