That's What You Said...About The 'Hills' Alternate Ending vs. The Original

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Usually, the classics aren't to be messed with, but as soon as word got out that there was a never-before-seen "Hills" finale awaiting airtime, the rules went out the window. To conclude MTV's summertime RetroMTV marathon, we posted this highly-anticipated alternate ending, which included the triumphant return of Lauren Conrad! Fans went wild over the surprise, but how did it compare to the original version, which featured Kristin Cavallari, Brody Jenner and a now-infamous sound stage?

After rushing to watch the clip, fans flocked to Remote Control and Facebook to share their opinions on which final scene did the iconic series justice. Check out some choice input below, and keep the conversation going in the comments!

Remote Control:

"I like the alternate version better -- it's a great way to end with Lauren's beautiful face. I love that girl and she definitely made the show...miss watching 'The Hills.'" -- Tanesha

"I enjoyed the alternate ending -- however, flirting with the show's authenticity is a level of excitement that's unmatched." -- Adonis

"Loved the ending to this one! IT WAS EVERYTHING. I shipped Brody and Lauren so much <3." -- lizzie20114


"The original ending was selfish and ruined the show. This one was sweet, sentimental, shocking and amazing! How can you end 'The Hills' without LC?! Awesome!" -- Lindsay B.

"It's Lauren's show, and it always was. She deserved the be the last face filmed." -- Ashley B.

"The original is such a better ending. It finally answers the biggest question everyone had since Laguna Beach started: Is it real, or is this all fake? The alternate doesn't answer that question." -- Alistine C.

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