MTV Twitter Roundup: 'Challenge' Black Sheep Katie Doyle Is Getting Married!


Katie Doyle of "Challenge" infamy is engaged, and she's got the sparkler to prove it!

If there's one thing "Challenge" fans love about vet Katie Doyle, it's her endearingly foul mouth (she could make "Merry Christmas" sound obscene), so it was no surprise that her engagement announcement yesterday took the form of this lovely sentiment: "Yes, I have assh*** fingers. Pinky refuses to lay next to ring finger." Aww, we can picture her wedding vows now: "Holy s**t, I f**king love you, you mother f**ker!"

Elsewhere on Twitter this week, Nicole Byer of "Girl Code" was elated to return to her ol' Manhattan roots, while Snooki, on the other hand, was almost forced out of her own home by nightmares. And though Wes of "The Challenge" continued to be completely obstinate, Haley Webb and Felisha Terrell, whose "Teen Wolf" characters couldn't be more at odds, came together to skydive for charity. Now that's going above and beyond! (Hardy har har.)

Check out what some of MTV's best and brightest had to say on Twitter this week.


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Photos: @KatieDoyle26 and Piotr Sikora