It Wouldn't Be A 'Weekend Brunch' Without An Intense Twerking Debate [Video]


Perhaps it's impolite to discuss politics or religion over brunch, but as for who stands atop the Twerking totem pole? That's fair game. Nicole Byer and Nessa of "Girl Code," Molly Tarlov of "Awkward." and Diem Brown of "The Challenge" recently met up for some omelettes and espresso, and to discuss crucial pop culture topics, such as who will win a Video Music Award next Sunday night. Their caffeine-fueled conversations will air on MTV in segments throughout the weekend, but we've got a special preview clip!

In the video below, crowning a Queen of the Twerk proves to be an especially tall task for the girls. While Diem speaks up in support of Nicki Minaj, Nessa quickly comes to Miley Cyrus' defense. WHOEVER CONCEDES GETS THE CHECK.

"I think right now, at this moment, Miley Cyrus can twerk better than Nicki Minaj," Nessa says, though she admits her argument isn't bulletproof, as Nicki's booty is "plumpier." "The booty's part of the artistry, and she doesn't have that!" Nicole chimes in. The debate rages on around the table, until Nessa delivers a final blow by pointing out that even Jay Z has taken notice of Miley's technique. Sounds like we might have our winner! Sooo, can someone pass the chutney already?

Take a look at the video, and tune in to MTV this weekend to catch more of the ladies' chit-chat!

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