'Rivals II' Poll: Is Jonna A Fool For Trusting Jordan?


He and Marlon might be a solid team in their own right, but "Rivals II" rookie Jordan is starting to lose standing in the "Challenge" popularity contest. After committing to sparing Theresa and Jasmine from The Jungle, then ultimately going back on his word and voting them in, Jordan lost the trust of Team Green and a few others who took his flip-flopping as proof that he couldn't be trusted. Still, he's at least got one person in his corner no matter what: Jonna, who can't help but fall for his charm. But is she a fool for having a turncoat's back?

After Theresa and Jasmine were eliminated, Nany said she was worried that Jonna's man-craziness was beginning to obstruct her good judgment, echoing her sentiments from their pre-season interview. "The thing about Jonna is she needs that male attention at all times," Nany said. Rival-turned-friend Jasmine also shared concerns before her departure...but, a little less delicately. "You wanna let him run all over you? You're an idiot," Jasmine said. "No wonder Zach left your dumb ass." With Jordan laser-focused on the game, could Jonna potentially just be his pretty pawn?

+ Tell us what you think -- can Jonna trust Jordan? Or is she going to get burned by the rookie's wishy-washy ways?

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