Backstage Quickie With Nikki: How To Nail The Perfect Kim Kardashian Impression [Video]


Grab a study buddy, bitches! It’s time for another "Backstage Quickie with Nikki," where I take you inside the making of "Nikki & Sara LIVE." And this one's a learning experience.

In this week's "Quickie," I share my personal methods for success, including the right way to wish your parents a happy birthday and break some bad news in one fell swoop (hint: be direct), as well as tips for honing your own Kim Kardashian impression, rehearsing difficult lines and naming a brand new talk show! Fun fact: "Nikki & Sara LIVE" may have ended up being called "Cramps & Tamps LIVE" if we still went by our childhood nicknames. Check out the video to see what I mean, and thanks for watching!

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