C Tha God Gets The Toon Treatment For New MTV2 Special 'Charlamagne And Friends' [Video]


Anyone who's seen "Guy Code" is familiar with Charlamagne Tha God's loud mouth, so it's fitting that the jokester has been tapped to host his very own late-night talk show on MTV2. "Charlamagne and Friends" will run for five consecutive nights next week leading up to the VMAs on Sunday, August 25, and will welcome some of C Tha God's closest pals in the industry. Can we get a "Praise tha Lord!" up in here?

In honor of the comedian's tendency to get a little animated on set, we've got a sneak peek of the week-long special featuring a cartoonified C interviewing hip-hop star Big Sean about his collaboration with Eminem. The "Dance" rapper says he went deep into the Detroit hood to meet Shady at his studio and have him listen to some of his new tracks. "I'mma tell you if it's whack," Sean says Eminem assured him when evaluating his music.

"Would you tell him if his music was whack?" C Tha God asks, which elicits a big ol' "hell no!" Good to know Sean's got his wits about him -- that's one legendary bridge you do not want to burn.

Check out Big Sean's full story of working with Eminem, and don't miss the premiere of "Charlamagne and Friends," Tuesday, August 20, at midnight on MTV2!

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