Get A Taste Of Maci Bookout's Upcoming MTV Special, And Check Out Her New Announcement! [Video]


When we broke the news that Maci Bookout would be getting her very own MTV special, "Being Maci," fans of the feisty redhead practically broke out into song. To say the least, Maci and her beautiful boy, Bentley (who has grown leaps and bounds since "Teen Mom"!), have been sorely missed.

In this exclusive deleted scene from the upcoming follow-up special, Benny gets excited over the fact that his favorite elf toy has taken up fishing in a rather unusual place: the toilet. Let's hope he doesn't catch any floaters! The adorable chatterbox that Maci's son has become beckons his dad's side of the family -- including Ryan's girlfriend, Dalis -- to the porcelain throne so they can marvel at Mr. Elf's incredible ability to prop himself up on the towel rack with a fishing rod in order to catch Goldfish crackers. It really is quite a skill.

Check out the clip, as well as the one below it for some big news from Maci about her role in the "Teen Mom 3" online after show. And, tune in to "Being Maci" on Sunday, August 18, at 10p/9c after a "16 & Pregnant" marathon! Maci will be taking over @MTV and live-tweeting the entire special, so you won't want to miss out.

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Photo: Colin Gray