'Most Dope' Rough Cuts: Mac Miller Considers Himself The Hairiest Rapper Alive [Video]

Squeezing countless hours of Mac Miller footage into only six "Most Dope Family" episodes was a daunting task for MTV2, and as you'd expect, a lot of great moments didn't make the final cut. But don't worry -- they're not going to waste! While you await the series' return, check in with Remote Control each week for never-before-seen video of the rapper and his pals.


Many women consider a man's scruff sexy (see: Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds), however, too much facial hair can conjure more homeless than hot stuff vibes if not groomed properly. Some men walk this fine line because of their quickly growing follicles, and in this week's "Most Dope" Rough Cut, Mac Miller admits he's a card-carrying member of the furry-guy club.

In the clip below, Mac admits that he sometimes gets a trim almost every four days in order to keep himself from looking like Chewbacca. "My beard hair just comes in so crazy," he says. Hmm, this may explain his choice to scrap the scruff altogether a few months back. "I don't know why," Peanut says, unable to relate to Mac's mane woes. "It's a hairy white guy complex," Mac responds. But it's not all bad in the land of the bushy brethren -- his hair once served as inspiration for a verse during a freestyle competition: "People hit me on the black berry. Bitches love me 'cause my ass hairy," Mac spits, recalling his old rap. Whether or not there's any truth to that line is up for discussion, but hey, at least it rhymed!

Check out the full clip:

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