Dawn Richard Reflects On Dramatic Danity Kane Split, Says She's Ripe For A Reunion [Video]


Dawn Richard is all in for a Danity Kane reunion in 2013!

When the guillotine came down on Danity Kane a few short years ago, the group's soft-spoken but powerhouse member, Dawn Richard, was the only one spared, and went on to team up with Diddy for his Dirty Money project. But now that the rap trio has also disbanded, Dawn's pursuing a solo career, which, she tells Tony Moore in the interview below, she'd only trade in for another group endeavor if it was a reunion with her DK "sisters."

"It would be a definite yes if they want to, 'cause it's something I think should be finished," she says. "If they ever call, and they're ready, I'm f**king ready." Dawn says she's thrilled she and her former band mates have reconciled after their tense breakup, but remains surprised that Diddy handled the situation as dramatically as he did. "I didn't expect that to be the ending," she shares, reflecting back on the infamous meeting that left DK in pieces and shot to hell any hope of making a third album. But that was years ago! Now that the girls are back in each other's good graces, could we finally get to hear what they had planned for record number three? Some signs point to yes...

For more from Dawn, including her current three-part album project, check out the whole interview!

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Photo: Splash News