This Week's @RevRunWisdom: Life Is Short. Make Lemonade.

Let's keep it real, folks. Life isn't always a bed of roses, and a week without one bad day is pretty rare. But guess what? You made it to Friday in one piece, and Rev Run's social media musings are just the thing to get you into Zen mode for the weekend. Check out a few of our favorite recent @RevRunWisdom posts, then kick back, relax and be happy.


Rev Run with his partner in rhyme since 1983, D.M.C.

For all of the times you think to yourself, "FML!" after getting dumped, dissed or accidentally stepped on by the heaviest person in the subway car, it's good to know that none of it will actually kill you. Everybody has rough patches, and your social media spiritual guide, Rev Run, reminded the Twitterverse this week that life's many letdowns often make us stronger.

Whatever hurdles you may be trying to overcome, your fearless preacher wants you to know that a brighter day is on the horizon. And to help guide you there, here's a dose of inspiration sure to turn those lemons into some yummy, summertime lemonade. Enjoy your weekend!


Get some new glasses!




Keep it movin'...


...and hold your head high.

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Photos: @revwon and @revrunwisdom 

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